Getting Started

The Mapping Component

Remember, that in order to complete the practical mapping component you will need to either have ArcGIS installed (this is a paid-for-licence) or be using QGIS. Our practical component works on both platforms.

Here are the necessary links:



Emailing you the shapefiles

Once you are fully enrolled, we will email you the components needed to complete the practical leopard mapping excercise. This can be done throughout the 4 weeks and, should you encounter any problems, you will be able to go over these with our GIS specialist, Jonathan, in the mapping clinics. At these clinics you will also be able to ask any other questions that may interest you.

Download Win-Zip to open the files

WinZip downloadable here -

Using the Teachable Platform as you learn

We have posted a short tutorial made for the learners on our Priority Species Course - remember that you will be clicking on the Mapping for Conservationists Course. This short tutorial will show you how to gain access and work the Teachable platform.

Here also is a link to the Teachable Support site should any issues arise:

Mapping being used in Conservation

Should you be interested, either before or after the course, please do download SMART onto your phone or your laptop and have a play. The app can be accessed from your app store or at this link.

Furthermore, please have a watch of the two YouTube links below: SMART Reporting and AI for animals. Both of these tools are powered by esri

wildlife-conservation and mapping.pdf