While 2020 has been a tough year, for you and for us, we hope 2021 will be better. This course, our first at Wildlife ACT, has been a resounding success. Online conservation training is valuable in itself, but nothing compares with practical experience. We hope you will soon be visiting us here.

Wildlife ACT course
A broad introduction to practical conservation the Wildlife ACT way

An online version of our regular 4 week course in the field. This course is perfect for those starting a career in conservation, or those interested in wildlife management & bush skills in Africa. It covers wildlife monitoring, camera trapping, tracking and spoor, conservation management, capture and relocation, wildlife crime & illegal trade and community conservation, through 10 online lectures and a weekly live Q&A session.

All course content and recorded sessions can be completed at your own pace until access to the course closes.

The Wildlife ACT Way!

The tracking & monitoring of endangered and priority species is a crucial skill within conservation management. Conservation of our protected areas, their flora, fauna, biotic and abiotic components, the job of a team of dedicated conservationists. With us, you can learn to become one of the team.

Tracking and monitoring are core aspects of Wildlife ACT’s on-the-ground operations, be these through monitoring and tracking technology, our support and partnering with K9 anti-poaching dog units and our ultlisation of the skills of incredible trackers.

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If you are a returning student please enquire about a qualifying discount!

Example TLearn to traditionally read tracks, scats & signs

Tracking is integral to the knowledge of animal movement. Without this knowledge we cannot grow our protected areas, monitor our priority species, track the poachers that threaten our endangered wildlife.

Learn wildlife monitoring through camera trapping & surveying

Learn how to place camera traps, how to conduct game and vegetation surveys, how to track using telemetry and tracking collars. Put your knowledge to the test in short quizzes and in live Q&A sessions.

Learn about the illegal wildife trade & how to fight it

Learn more about the workings of an underground trade network and how Wildlife ACT works to protect endangered and priority species on the ground. Work with us to build solutions through knowledge.

Endangered & Priority Species Conservation and Habitat Management

  Introduction to Endangered and Priority Species Conservation and Habitat Management
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  Week 1
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  Week 2
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  Week 3
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  Week 4
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Endangered & Priority Species: Conservation & Habitat Management (08 Feb - 08 March 2021)

Conservation and Habitat Management with the most up-to-date, in-field conservation techniques and practices

This in-depth learning experience introduces students and budding conservationists, either at the beginning or mid-way through their career, to the core aspects of conservation practices in Africa – wildlife monitoring, track and sign identification, camera trapping as a conservation tool, capture and relocation and the part it plays in conservation management, conservation and habitat monitoring, wildlife crime and the illegal wildlife trade as well as the importance of community conservation within and around any protected area. ‘

Hi, I'm Megan!

Wildlife Monitor and Conservation Course Instructor.

With over 5 years experience in the Zululand field, I am here to help guide the paths of all the inquisitive conservationists out there!

When not in the field getting hands dirty with practical work and monitoring, I spend my time putting my conservation knowledge to the test with research reports and creating new activities for when I can get into the field next!

Hujambo, I'm Hollie M'gog!

Author, safari guide, field instructor & online teacher

A gregarious loner interested in all the wild places of the world with a passion for science communication (biology, conservation ecology and wildlife management) and the relaying of natural history through experiential learning and the age old art of storytelling. Born and brought up in rural Kenya, worked in Uganda, Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and committed to dedicating my life to conservation education.

All the funds raised from this course are helping to keep Wildlife ACT operational during these COVID pandemic times. By simply taking the course, you are helping to support the work that we do to protect wildlife, thank you.